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How the West was Lost with Dambisa Moyo

Presented with Carleton University's Faculty of Public Affairs and Institute of African Studies
"Africa has turned a corner. Now it's about closing the deal.
— Dambisa Moyo
Dambisa Moyo

Provocative and critical, international economist Dambisa Moyo lays bare the failure of the past 50 years’ worth of policy-making in the world’s leading industrialized economies. In particular, Moyo examines how America’s flawed financial decisions, as well as blinkered political and military choices around Capital, Labour and Technology – key ingredients for economic growth and success – have resulted in an economic and geo-political seesaw that is now poised to tip in favour of the emerging world, in particular China, India, Russia and Brazil.


If the prognosis that China and other emerging economic power-houses are on the right economic path, whereas the West is on the wrong economic track is generally correct, the question becomes, what can policy makers do about it? Moyo proposes radical solutions the West must adopt in order to reassert itself as a global economic force. Join the conversation on why she believes the status quo can no longer sustain the West.


Hosted by CBC's Lucy van Oldenbarneveld. Presented with Carleton University.

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How the West was Lost with Dambisa Moyo

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How the West was Lost with Dambisa Moyo

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