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Joyner's Dream:
One on One
with Sylvia Tyson

Hosted by Arthur McGregor
"We always knew Sylvia Tyson was a wonderful storyteller in song. Turns out that's true for the page, too. Joyner's Dream is a square-dance of family history. The partners change, but music courses through it all like blood. I was swept away by Sylvia’s sweeping saga. This is one good read!
— Shelagh Rogers, O.C.
Sylvia Tyson - Photo courtesy of Silvia Pecota

Join us for an unforgettable evening of storytelling and song. For eighteen years, Sylvia Tyson was one half of the internationally renowned folk duo Ian and Sylvia. A member of the Order of Canada and the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, she has recorded ten Solo albums since the duo split in 1975, and since 2000 has been recording and performing with the group Quartette. 


Her acclaimed novel, Joyner’s Dream , is the sweeping story of a family and its dubious legacy: an abiding love of music coupled with a persistent knack for thieving. Beginning in England in the 1780s, continuing in Halifax at the time of the Great Explosion, and ending in Toronto in the present, eight larcenous generations from all walks of life—craftsmen and highwaymen, aristocrats and servants, lawyers and B-movie actors—are connected by music, a secret family journal and one long-lived violin. 


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Joyner's Dream: One on One with Sylvia Tyson

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Joyner's Dream: One on One with Sylvia Tyson

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