Southminster United Church15 Aylmer Ave at Bank Street

Living Faith
with Robert Sibley
and Tom Harpur

Hosted by Neil Wilson
"Those who cannot accept literal orthodoxy and those whose spiritual quest is not yet at an end, will find renewed faith and hope in Harpur's brave work.
— The Calgary Herald
Robert Sibley
Tom Harpur - Photo courtesy of Susan Harpur

Join us for an evening of spiritual insight, revelation and renewal.


Just as C.S Lewis once said that we acquire faith by acting as believers, Robert Sibley argues that we re-enchant the world by “paying attention” to our daily experiences. His new book, A Rumour of God explores a variety of routine experiences—home, place, solitude, wonder, walking, and “everyday epiphanies”—to show us the possibility of restoring the spiritual side of our lives.


The search for meaning in our time of change and upheaval continues unabated. Tom Harpur , the bestselling author of The Pagan Christ and Water Into Wine , has been at the forefront of this modern challenge to humankind’s spiritual identity. With Born Again: My Journey from Fundamentalism to Freedom he tells us the story of his own search, and the result is a compelling spiritual odyssey—the story of one man’s escape from the narrow grip of religious fundamentalism.


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Living Faith with Robert Sibley and Tom Harpur

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Living Faith with Robert Sibley and Tom Harpur

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