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Mike Carey and Andrew Pyper

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"Ambitious – With a well-executed dual narrative, both past and present, strong characterizations and some truly arresting images, The Guardians is a compelling and genuinely creepy read.
— The Guardian
Photo courtesy of Random House
Andrew Pyper
Mike Carey

For those of us who love a little terror between the pages, two master storytellers take us where things go bump in the night. Bestselling and award-winning author Andrew Pyper returns with his fifth novel, The Guardians , a chilling tale that reminds us there’s no such thing as an empty house. The UK’s Mike Carey, no stranger to the underworld, wrote Lucifer and Hellblazer for DC Comics’ Vertigo line, as well as five Felix Castor novels, the most recent of which, The Naming of the Beasts , finds the London exorcist fighting to keep all Hell from breaking loose—literally.

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Mike Carey and Andrew Pyper

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Mike Carey and Andrew Pyper

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