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The History of Canada
with Christopher Pennington
and Ron Graham

"We have chosen these important episodes in Canadian history partly because they are good stories in themselves but also because they show what Canada was like at a particularly important moment in its history
— Margaret MacMillan and Robert Bothwell
Christopher Pennington - Photo courtesy of Paul Pennington
Ron Graham - Photo courtesy of Nigel Dickson

Allen Lane Canada presents three compelling authors that bring our history to life and highlight the important questions that shape our nation’s future. 


It was Sir John A. Macdonald’s last campaign. His Conservatives had dominated Canadian politics since Confederation. The Liberal leader, Wilfrid Laurier, was new in the job and uncertain that a Roman Catholic from Quebec had any chance of winning votes outside his home province. But Macdonald’s decision to hang Louis Riel had split the country, the economy was in the doldrums, and a movement in support of free trade with the United States gave the Liberals hope. In The Destiny Of Canada , Christopher Pennington spins a colourful tale of a country poised to make a momentous choice and of nineteenth century politics at both its most principled and its most corrupt. 


The Night of the Long Knives , was the culmination of more than a decade of constitutional debates, triggered in large measure by the advent of Quebec nationalism, the electoral triumph of the Parti Québécois, and the first referendum. It also coincided with the rise of some of the most powerful premiers in Canadian history, formidable men who were pressing for a more decentralized federation. And, of course, it is about the struggle between them and Pierre Trudeau. The Last Act by Ron Graham gives this remarkable event a full dramatic historical narrative to establish what really took place that night.


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The History of Canada with Christopher Penningtonand Ron Graham

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The History of Canada with Christopher Penningtonand Ron Graham

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