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The Myth of Human Progress:
One on One with Chris Hedges

Hosted by Stephen Brockwell
"In this tsunami of terrifying revelations, juxtaposed truths, and demonstrated facts, Hedges argues that the traditional beacons of the liberal class – the universities, media, church, labor unions, and arts – have sacrificed themselves completely to the dominance of corporate greed and unbounded capitalism.
— Publishers Weekly
Chris Hedges - Photo courtesy of Kim Hedges

International bestseller and winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Chris Hedges returns to the Festival with Death of the Liberal Class and The World As It Is . Hedges argues there are five pillars of the American liberal establishment—the press, liberal religious institutions, labor unions, universities and the Democratic Party—and that each of these institutions, more concerned with status and privilege than justice and progress, sold out the constituents they represented. In doing so, the liberal class has become irrelevant to society at large and ultimately the corporate power elite they once served. Join us for an examination of the declining liberal class and the American empire at home and abroad, from the coarsening effect of America’s War on Terror to the front lines in the Middle East and South Asia and the continuing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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The Myth of Human Progress: One on One with Chris Hedges

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The Myth of Human Progress: One on One with Chris Hedges

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