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Book Launch:
What My Grandma
Means to Say
by JC Sulzenko

"Children are part of whatever goes down in a family. They need to be brought into the tent in a way that will not unnerve them.
— JC Sulzenko
JC Sulzenko

What My Grandma Means to Say  takes readers down Jake’s path as he learns how Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias affect not only the people living with dementia but also people in their families, including the children, who can be drawn into the role of caregivers. Illustrated in full colour by Gary Frederick, the book lets young readers, ages 8-12, and their families, share Jake’s experience as he watches his grandma change from world traveller, expert birder and best cookie baker to someone who forgets where she lives and cannot remember his name.  Once Grandma moves to a long-term care residence, Jake becomes her regular Saturday visitor. He develops a routine and knows what to expect when he is with her, until an extraordinary conversation makes him think she is cured. 


With answers to frequently asked questions and a list of key website where more information is available, the book allows families a way to discuss with their children what is happening in their lives and helps each member of the family develop his or her own strengths and strategies for supporting someone dear to them, who is affected by Alzheimer’s or a related dementia.


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Book Launch: What My Grandma Means to Say by JC Sulzenko

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Book Launch: What My Grandma Means to Say by JC Sulzenko

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