Knox Presbyterian Church120 Lisgar st. (at Elgin)

Be the Change
with Tim Ward
and Tzeporah Berman

Hosted by Stephen Brockwell
"Tzeporah Berman is one of the few people with the insight, experience and guts to show us a way forward that actually might work. (It) blends hard-won practical tips on how to build a mass movement for change with deeply moving stories of Berman’s own successes and failures in the high-stakes world of international environmental campaigning.
— Thomas Homer-Dixon, author of The Upside of Down
Tim Ward
Tzeporah Berman - Photo courtesy of Jamie Kowal

From caring for the environment to being a good neighbour, there seems to be a huge gulf between what we say is important to us and the choices we make in our lives. If we are really as concerned about the environment as the polls suggest, what will it take for us to change the way we live our lives?


Tim Ward , the acclaimed author of What the Buddha Never Taught, returns to the Festival with Zombies on Kilimanjaro: A Father/Son Journey Above the Clouds . It follows a journey with his son to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, where they traverse the treacherous terrain of fatherhood, divorce, dark secrets and old grudges, and forge an authentic adult relationship. The mountain too has a story to tell, a story about climate change and the future of humankind – a future etched all too clearly on Kilimanjaro’s retreating glaciers.


Written by Tzeporah Berman, co-founder of ForestEthics and PowerUp Canada, and the former Greenpeace International Climate and Energy Co-Director, This Crazy Time: Living Our Environmental Challenge has been described as the No Logo of the NEW environmental movement, an essential must-read that combines Bill Bryson's personable style and humour with Naomi Klein's hard-hitting activism and research.


Join us for a conversation on the gap between what we believe and how we live.


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Be the Change with Tim Ward and Tzeporah Berman

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Be the Change with Tim Ward and Tzeporah Berman

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