Knox Presbyterian Church120 Lisgar st. (at Elgin)

Cosmo Lava Bridge
with Anton Piatigorsky,
Spencer Gordon
and Barry Webster

"Compulsive, energetic, surreal, and wildly imaginative, Barry Webster’s The Lava in My Bones links human emotions and a cascade of natural events... Webster’s take on desire is like no other.
— Marilyn Bowering
Anton Piatigorsky
Barry Webster - Photo courtesy of Maxime Tremblay
Spencer Gordon

Take a walk on the wild side with three bold authors whose work pushes stylistic and thematic boundaries. Join us for a celebration of new writing on the cutting edge that explores lives on the fringes and revels in the unexpected.


Dora Award-winning playwright Anton Piatigorsky ’s The Iron Bridge delivers a superbly inspired inquiry into the early lives of the 20th century’s most notorious tyrants. These stories breathe fictionalized life into the adolescents who would grow up to become the most brutal dictators the world has known. We discover a teenaged Mao Tse-Tung refusing an arranged marriage; Idi Amin cooking for the British Army; and a melodramatic young Adolf Hitler dreaming of vast architectural achievements.


In Cosmo by Spencer Gordon , co-editor of the online literary journal The Puritan and an instructor at Humber College, an admirer of Miley Cyrus performs a 3,000-word sentence in defence of his passion. Actor Matthew McConaughey descends into a surreal stupefying desert of the soul. An aging porn star dons a grotesque dinosaur costume to film the sex scene of his life. Though shifting wildly in tone, structure and perspective from one page to the next, his stories are drenched in pop culture, the distancing effects of modern communication and the malaise of solitary existence.


A frustrated Canadian geologist studying global warming becomes obsessed with eating rocks after embarking on his first same-sex relationship in Europe in The Lava in My Bones by ReLit Award winner Barry Webster . Back home, his young sister is a high-school girl who suddenly starts to ooze honey through her pores. The siblings are reunited on a ship bound for Europe, where they hope to start a new life. They are unaware that their disguised mother is also on board and plotting to win back their souls, with the help of the Virgin Mary.


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Cosmo Lava Bridge with Anton Piatigorsky, Spencer Gordon and Barry Webster

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Cosmo Lava Bridge with Anton Piatigorsky, Spencer Gordon and Barry Webster

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