Knox Presbyterian Church120 Lisgar st. (at Elgin)

with Shauna Singh Baldwin,
David Bergen
and Annabel Lyon

Hosted by Sandra Ridley
"The Selector of Souls is a mesmerizing novel, bravely revealing the harsh realities of an entrenched patriarchy bound by the forces of history.
— Sandra Gulland
Annabel Lyon - Photo courtesy of Phillip Chin
David Bergen
Shauna Singh Baldwin

Freedom comes with conditions, and every path chosen has locked doors on one side and roads not taken on the other. Three prize-winning writers reveal the unique paths to freedom that each individual must find and explore the struggles faced by women throughout history.


In Shauna Singh Baldwin’s new novel, The Selector of Souls, two strong-willed women face off in the shadow of the Himalayas. Damini, a Hindu midwife, and Anu, who flees an abusive marriage for the sanctuary of the Catholic Church, each seek to gain freedom for women in their own way. The author’s 2000 novel, What the Body Remembers, won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize.


Giller Prize winner David Bergen returns with The Age of Hope. Born in 1930, Hope Koop appears destined to have a conventional life. Church, marriage to a steady young man and children – her fortunes are already laid out for her. But as the decades unfold, what seems to be a safe, predictable existence overwhelms her. Where – among the demands of her children, the expectations of her husband and the challenges of The Feminine Mystique – is there room for her? And just who is she anyway?

In her new novel, The Sweet Girl, the acclaimed companion to her award-winning bestseller The Golden Mean, Annabel Lyon explores the dangerous path that Aristotle’s daughter must tread after her father’s death. Superbly gifted in philosophy, she might find her freedom in that career except for one thing: she is a woman. 


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FREEDOM with Shauna Singh Baldwin, David Bergen and Annabel Lyon

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FREEDOM with Shauna Singh Baldwin, David Bergen and Annabel Lyon

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