Manx Pub370 Elgin Street

Plan 99 Fiction:
Pasha Malla
and Missy Marston

Hosted by David O’Meara
"A wonderful story that interweaves tales of human longing and identity with humor, compassion and aliens....
— laineyd on The Love Monster by Missy Marston
Missy Marston
Pasha Malla

An afternoon of great fiction presented in partnership with the Plan 99 Reading Series at the Manx Pub.


In Pasha Malla’s latest novel, People Park, an anonymous city’s radical mayor and the testosterone-powered New Fraternal League of Men are competing and conspiring to celebrate the silver jubilee of the city’s park. The illusionist named Raven that they have hired for the celebration leads them into a series of unnatural disasters that force people to confront what they are really made of.


In Missy Marston ’s first novel, The Love Monster, her main character escapes from her boring job and a cheating husband through encounters with a dope-smoking senior citizen, a religious fanatic, a good lawyer and a talking turtle – not to mention Christo, Jeanne-Claude, Warren Zevon, Neil Armstrong and a yogi buried deep underground.


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Plan 99 Fiction: Pasha Malla and Missy Marston

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Plan 99 Fiction: Pasha Malla and Missy Marston

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