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A workshop with Erin Bow

"The plot unfolds with the swiftness and dramatic urgency of an adventure tale, yet each event has a measured gravity. Ambiguity and complexity shade the characterizations and the story line. Violence and harsh emotions are leavened by moments of tenderness and generosity; darkness is offset by mischievous, buoyant humour; and the tone flows smoothly and seamlessly from jaunty lyricism to striking melancholy. … An outstanding novel.
— New York Times Sunday Review of Books
Erin Bow - Photo courtesy of StudioJ

Some details will win your readers' hearts forever -- and some will make them skim and sigh impatiently.   Which ones are which, and how do you know?  Award-winning author Erin Bow will walk you through it, using lots of examples from current teen books.  


Workshop runs from 2:00 till 4:00 PM.


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In the details: A workshop with Erin Bow

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In the details: A workshop with Erin Bow

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