Southminster United Church15 Aylmer Avenue (at Bank Street)

Our Place in the Natural World
with J.B. Mackinnon and
Diana Beresford-Kroeger

Hosted by Neil Wilson
"A re-enchantment with the natural world may be a necessary prerequisite to the changes we must make to keep that natural world more or less intact. This is deep and lovely thinking and writing.
— Bill McKibben, on J.B. MacKinnon
Diana Beresford-Kroeger - Photo courtesy of Erika Beresford-Kroeger
J.B. MacKinnon - Photo courtesy of Alisa Smith

Join us for a conversation with two of Canada's most exciting writers and ecological thinkers on our relationship with nature and the ways we can meaningully re-connect with the world around us.  


The Once and Future World began in the moment J.B. MacKinnon -  the originator of the 100-mile diet concept - realized the grassland he grew up on was not the pristine wilderness he had always believed it to be. Instead, his home prairie was the outcome of a long history of transformation, from the disappearance of the grizzly bear to the introduction of cattle. What remains today is an illusion of the wild--an illusion that has in many ways created our world. our truest human nature. In 3 beautifully drawn parts, MacKinnon revisits a globe exuberant with life, traces the human impact and calls for an "age of restoration," not only to revisit that richer and more awe-filled world, but to reconnect with our truest human nature. 


Diana Beresford-Kroeger, the author of The Global Forest--an international bestseller and a classic upon publication, beloved by readers around the world--gives us her tips and advice for achieving better health and peace of mind, with frugality, simplicity and pleasure not far behind. Her new book, The Sweetness of a Simple Life, provides an easy dose of healing, practical wisdom, blending modern medicine with aboriginal traditions. This inspiring, accessible book emphasizes back to basics, with the touchstone not an exotic religion or meditation practice, but the natural world around us.


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Our Place in the Natural World with J.B. Mackinnon and Diana Beresford-Kroeger

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Our Place in the Natural World with J.B. Mackinnon and Diana Beresford-Kroeger

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