Knox Presbyterian Church120 Lisgar Street (at Elgin)

The Postsecular Imagination
with Manav Ratti

Hosted by Carleton University’s Richard Mann
"Provocative and arresting, this is a work of subtle imagination and searching intellect. It is finely written, scrupulously researched and persuasively argued—very much of the times. I look forward to reading what Manav Ratti will next have to say.
— Professor Elleke Boehmer, Wolfson College and English Faculty, Oxford University
Manav Ratti - Photo courtesy of George Archer

Politics and religion are two of the most controversial topics to tackle in public discussions. In The Postsecular Imagination, Professor Manav Ratti tackles both. While secularism and religion can foster inspiration and creativity, they also can be linked with violence, civil war, partition, majoritarianism, and communalism, especially within the framework of the nation-state. Through close readings of novels that engage with animism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism, Manav Ratti examines how questions of ethics and the need for faith, awe, wonder, and enchantment can find expression and significance in the wake of such crises.


Join us for a conversation on how writers - including Michael Ondaatje, Salman Rushdie, Shauna Singh Baldwin and Amitav Ghosh - experiment with and gesture toward the compelling paradoxes of a non-secular secularism and a non-religious religion. See manavratti.com .


Books by participating authors available on-site. A booksigning will follow each event.


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The Postsecular Imagination with Manav Ratti

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The Postsecular Imagination with Manav Ratti

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