Knox Presbyterian Church120 Lisgar Street (at Elgin)

Contested Land,
Contested Memory:
with Jo Roberts

Hosted by The Hill Times' Jim Creskey
"[Roberts’s] writing has academic credibility and personal appeal. If that sounds unlikely, it is. Only a writer as good as Roberts could make it work—but work it does, as it proceeds to unravel Israel’s paradoxical political identity.
— Embassy
Jo Roberts

1948: As Jewish refugees, survivors of the Holocaust, struggle toward the new State of Israel, Arab refugees are fleeing, many under duress. Sixty years later, the memory of trauma has shaped both peoples' collective understanding of who they are.


After a war, the victors write history. How was the story of the exiled Palestinians erased – from textbooks, maps, even the land? How do Jewish and Palestinian Israelis now engage with the histories of the Palestinian Nakba ("Catastrophe") and the Holocaust, and how do these echo through the political and physical landscapes of their country?


Writer, lawyer and anthropologist, Jo Roberts examines how these tangled histories of suffering inform Jewish and Palestinian-Israeli lives today, and frame Israel's possibilities for peace.


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Contested Land, Contested Memory: with Jo Roberts

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Contested Land, Contested Memory: with Jo Roberts

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