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Kitten Clone:
Inside Alcatel-Lucent
with Douglas Coupland

Presented with the University of Ottawa
Hosted by the Ottawa Citizen’s Mark Sutcliffe
"Unremittingly famous for defining a generation, Douglas Coupland is, himself, a creative whirl.
— The New York Times
Douglas Coupland - Photo courtesy of D.J. Weir

Join the Ottawa Citizen’s Mark Sutcliffe for a conversation with the incomparable Douglas Coupland on the global company that keeps us connected, and on what all that connectivity is doing to our brains and our sense of ourselves as humans. 


In his new book, Kitten Clone, Douglas reports from inside the corporate offices and science labs of Alcatel-Lucent, a globally influential business whose work is largely unknown to consumers. "Were it to vanish tomorrow," he writes, "our modern world would grind to a halt. The Internet would implode-- your  Internet would implode." Although his examination of the company is playful and fascinating in its own right, Coupland's account is driven by his thoughtful reflections on the larger cultural and sociological significance of the transformative information technology Alcatel works on: fiber wire, microprocessors, the Internet and mobile technologies. And by a larger meditation about what the Internet is doing to us as it relentlessly colonizes the planet, and our brains.

Don’t miss this wildly entertaining encounter with the technological and cultural forces that surround us. 


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Kitten Clone: Inside Alcatel-Lucent with Douglas Coupland

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Kitten Clone: Inside Alcatel-Lucent with Douglas Coupland

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