Knox Presbyterian Church120 Lisgar Street (at Elgin)

Long Story Short
with Jon Paul Fiorentino,
Mireille Silcoff
and Lynn Coady

Hosted by Neil Wilson
"Mireille Silcoff's sensitivity is able to transform moments that would seem unremarkable in another writer's hand and turn them into something meaningful and unique.
— Etgar Keret, author of Suddenly, a Knock on the Door
Jon Paul Fiorentino
Lynn Coady - Photo courtesy of Rob Appleford
Mireille Silcoff - Photo courtesy of Sabrina Reeves

Join us in our exploration of the art of the short story and find out just how far into another life a few well-written pages can take you. Be warned: At their best, stories are transformative. As David Sedaris once said, a good short story “would take me out of myself and then stuff me back in, outsized now, and uneasy with the fit.”


Critically acclaimed and award-winning author Jon Paul Fiorentino returns with his ninth book, I'm Not Scared of You or Anything . His characters are invigilators, fake martial arts experts, buskers, competitive pillow fighters, drug runners, and, of course, grad students. Deftly illustrated by Maryanna Hardy, these texts ask important questions, such as: What happens when you replace the text of Christian Archie comics with the text of Hélène Cixous? And what would it be like if Mr. Spock was a character in the HBO series GIRLS?


Chez L’arab is the debut collection from award-winning journalist and New York Times Magazine contributor Mireille Silcoff . Inspired by her own real-life medical struggles, it opens with a gripping portrait of chronic illness in a series of linked stories about a woman in her mid-thirties. As the collection progresses, it picks up the threads of other people’s lives that have also been abruptly upended –- through death, divorce, illness and estrangements—leaving them shocked and disoriented as they try to navigate their lives in new directions.

Scotiabank Giller Prize winner Lynn Coady returns to give us another taste of Hellgoing. A young nun charged with talking an anorexic out of her religious fanaticism toys with the thin distance between practicality and blasphemy. A strange bond between a teacher and a schoolgirl takes on ever deeper, and stranger, shapes as the years progress. A bride-to-be with a penchant for nocturnal bondage can’t seem to stop bashing herself up in the light of day.


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Long Story Short with Jon Paul Fiorentino, Mireille Silcoff and Lynn Coady

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Long Story Short with Jon Paul Fiorentino, Mireille Silcoff and Lynn Coady

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