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Rise to Greatness:
The History of Canada
with Conrad Black

"Black writes with boundless energy, graceful lucidity, considerable learning.
— Winnipeg Free Press
Conrad Black - Photo courtesy of Peter Bregg


From the acclaimed biographer and historian Conrad Black comes the definitive history of Canada – a revealing, groundbreaking account of the people and events that shaped a nation.

Spanning 874 to 2014, and beginning from Canada's first inhabitants and the early explorers, this masterful history challenges our perception of our history and Canada's role in the world. From Champlain to Carleton, Baldwin and Lafontaine, to MacDonald, Laurier, and King, Canada's role in peace and war, to Quebec's quest for autonomy, Black takes on sweeping themes and vividly recounts the story of Canada's development from colony to dominion to country. Black persuasively reveals that while many would argue that Canada was perhaps never predestined for greatness, the opposite is in fact true: the emergence of a magnificent country, against all odds, was a remarkable achievement. 


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Rise to Greatness:The History of Canadawith Conrad Black

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Rise to Greatness:The History of Canadawith Conrad Black

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