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Write On!
Writing for Social Change
with Chris Turner

Hosted by Neil Wilson
"Whatever you choose to call this kind of stylishly reported, deeply engaged, richly nuanced, gorgeously written nonfiction—saturation reportage, new journalism, longform writing—it without question qualifies as real literature. It’s the only kind of journalism that gets remembered, and the only kind that produces real change
— Ian Brown
Chris Turner - Photo courtesy of Ashley Bristowe

Join Chris Turner, one of Canada’s leading writers and speakers on sustainability, for a conversation on how writing can lead to broader public awareness on the issues that are important to you, and how to approach writing in a way that inspires social change instead of apathy.


The essays and reportage in How to Breathe Underwater offer a panoramic overview of this age of radical change—from the online gambling boom in the Caribbean to Cyberjaya, the Malaysian government’s attempt to build its own Silicon Valley; from video game design to digital-age tabloid journalism to the artistry of The Simpsons; and from the fate of the Great Barrier Reef to Cuba’s economic limbo after the fall of the Soviet empire. In field reports that survey the rise of the Internet in the 1990s, analyze the changing nature of mass culture in the digital age, and provide a multifaceted look at how human industry is shaping the planet’s foundations, this collection presents a fractal portrait of a society in rapid flux.


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Write On! Writing for Social Change with Chris Turner

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Write On! Writing for Social Change with Chris Turner

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