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One Book
One Community:
Janet Hepburn

Hosted by Chief Librarian Perth & District Union Public Library, Erica Heesen
"As she marvels at the intricacy of a sunflower, Lillian observes, ‘Things are so different when you look closely at them.’ This applies not only to these two remarkable women, but to the elderly in general, and certainly to this fine novel.
— Quill & Quire
Janet Hepburn

When Lillian and Audrey hatch a plot to escape from Tranquil Meadows Nursing Home, “borrow” a car, and spend their hastily planned vacation time driving to destinations west, they aren’t fully aware of the challenges they will face. All they know is that the warm days of August call to them, and the need to escape the daily routines and humiliations of nursing home life has become overwhelming.

Flushed with the success of their escape plan, they set out on their journey having forgotten that their memory problems might make driving and following directions difficult. Their trip is almost over before it begins, until they meet up with the unsuspecting Rayne, a young man also heading west in hope of reconciling with his family.

As Lillian and Audrey try to take back the control that time and dementia has taken from them, Rayne realizes the truth of their situation. But it’s too late – he has fallen under the spell of these two funny, brave women and is willing to be a part of their adventure, wherever it leads them.



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Perth:One Book One Community: Janet Hepburn

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Perth:One Book One Community: Janet Hepburn

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