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Cause and Effect
with Jared Young,
Nathan Whitlock
and Iain Reid

Hosted by CBC's Alan Neal
"Congratulations On Everything is rife with humour, heartbreak, ambition, and failure.
— Quill & Quire
Iain Reid
Jared Young
Nathan Whitlock - Photo courtesy of lago McEvenue

An evening with three acclaimed talents whose new novels play with perception, toy with memory and explore the sometimes tenuous link between cause and effect.

In Jared Young’s debut,  Into the Current, Daniel Solomon is not having a good day. Somewhere between Bangkok and Tokyo, zipping through the stratosphere, the jetliner on which he’s travelling cracks open like an egg, ejecting Daniel and his fellow passengers into the great blue sky. If only that were the worst of it. Time stops, the wreckage of the plane freezes in place, postponing the inevitable end, and Daniel finds that he can transport himself back into his past. Re-experiencing his memories in real time, but helpless to change the present, he plunges into the detritus of his all-but-concluded life.

Ambition, failure, sex, and the service industry. Congratulations on Everything by Nathan Whitlock tracks the struggles, frailties, and cruelly pyrrhic victories of the middle-aged owner of a bar-restaurant and a lunch-shift waitress. Jeremy has bought into the teachings of an empowerment and success guru, hook, line, and sinker. A Toronto service industry lifer, he’s risen through the ranks until he finally takes the keys to his destiny and opens his own place, The Ice Shack. Everyone assumes Ice Shack daytime waitress Charlene is innocent and empathetic, but in reality she’s desperately unhappy and looking for a way out of her marriage. A drunken encounter sends Charlene and her boss careening. As Jeremy struggles to keep his business afloat, he’ll stop at nothing to maintain his successful, good guy self-image.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things , the latest from Iain Reid is a tense and atmospheric novel that questions consciousness, free will, the value of relationships, fear, and the limitations of solitude. The Globe and Mail calls it “an unnerving exploration of identity, regret and longing. Delightfully frightening.”

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Cause and Effect with Jared Young, Nathan Whitlock and Iain Reid

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Cause and Effect with Jared Young, Nathan Whitlock and Iain Reid

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