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Jane Jacobs and
the Livable City
with Nathan Storring
and Robert Kanigel

Hosted by CBC's Joanne Chianello
"With our cities facing unprecedented sustainability and affordability challenges, we need to listen to Jacobs more than ever.
— Matthew Desmond, New York Times bestselling author of Evicted
Nathan Storring - Photo courtesy of Dwight Storring
Robert Kanigel - Photo courtesy of Michael Lionstar 2011

Join us in commemorating the century of influential urbanist Jane Jacobs.

In  Vital Little Plans,   Nathan Storring brings together a selection of essays, articles, speeches and interviews by the late Jane Jacobs. These works shed light on the development of the ideas she made famous in her best-known works, The Death and Life of Great American Cities and The Economy of Cities, while expanding upon familiar themes with new insights. Some works also explore topics rarely directly addressed in her major works, from skyscrapers to feminism to universal health care to gentrification. The book showcases the rhythm of Jacobs’ career.

Eyes on the Street by Robert Kanigel is the first major biography of the irrepressible woman who changed the way we view and live in cities, and whose influence can still be felt in any discussion of urban planning to this day. Jane Jacobs raised three children, wrote seven groundbreaking books, saved neighborhoods, stopped expressways, was arrested twice, and engaged at home and on the streets in thousands of debates–all of which she won. Here is the child who challenged her third-grade teacher; the high school poet; the journalist who honed her writing skills at Iron Age,  Architectural ForumFortune, and other outlets, while amassing the knowledge she would draw upon to write her most famous book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities. Here, too, is the activist who helped lead an ultimately successful protest against Robert Moses’s proposed expressway through her beloved Greenwich Village; and who, in order to keep her sons out of the Vietnam War, moved to Canada, where she became as well known and admired as she was in the United States.

For more on livable cities, visit Jane's Walk Ottawa.

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Jane Jacobs and the Livable City with Nathan Storring and Robert Kanigel

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Jane Jacobs and the Livable City with Nathan Storring and Robert Kanigel

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