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Paranormal Prose
with Kristi Charish,
Nathan Adler and
Kelley Armstrong

Hosted by Marie Bilodeau
"[Kelley Armstrong's] dispatches from this village filled with sinister secrets are going to be keeping her readers up well into the night.
— Linwood Barclay
Kelley Armstrong
Kristi Charish
Nathan Adler

The Voodoo Killings by  Kristi Charish , co-host of the Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing Podcast, introduces Kincaid Strange, not your average voodoo practitioner: For starters, she’s only twenty-seven. Then there’s the fact that she lives in rain-soaked Seattle, which is not exactly Haiti. And she’s broke. With raising zombies outlawed throughout the continental USA, Kincaid has to eke out a living running seances for university students with more money than brains who are desperate for guitar lessons with the ghost of a Seattle grunge rocker–who happens to be Kincaid’s on-again, off-again roommate.

Author and artist  Nathan Adler , a member of Lac Des Mille Lacs First Nation, makes his debut with Wrist. In 1872, dinosaur hunters become embroiled in a battle over the discovery of fossils in Northern Ontario as their excavation crews are driven mad by a bizarre and terrifying illness. Over a hundred years later, Church and his family show signs of the same monstrous affliction. As he begins to unravel his family’s dark history, Church must race to protect the secrets buried deep in bones and blood. 

Betrayals is the exciting fourth novel in Kelley Armstrong ’s “impossible-to-put-down” Cainsville series. When Olivia’s life exploded–after she found out she was not the adopted child of a privileged Chicago family but of a notorious pair of convicted serial killers–she found a refuge in the secluded but oddly welcoming town of Cainsville, Illinois. Working with lawyer Gabriel Walsh, she discovered the truth about her parents’ crimes in an investigation that also revealed the darker forces at work in the place that had offered her a haven. As if that wasn’t enough, she also found out that she, Gabriel and her biker boyfriend Ricky were not caught in an ordinary sort of love triangle, but were hereditary actors in an ancient drama in which the elders of Cainsville and the mysterious Huntsmen who opposed them had a huge stake. Now someone is killing street kids in the city, and the police have tied Ricky to the crimes. Setting out with Gabriel’s help to clear Ricky’s name, Olivia once again finds her own life at risk.

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Paranormal Prose with Kristi Charish, Nathan Adler and Kelley Armstrong

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Paranormal Prose with Kristi Charish, Nathan Adler and Kelley Armstrong

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