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Running for Office
with John Laschinger
and Noah Richler

Hosted by Maclean¹s Magazine’s John Geddes
"There is joy in winning, but participating is what matters most in politics, as Lasch, a true insider, reveals in this fascinating account of backroom strategy and drama.
— Brian Mulroney
John Laschinger
Noah Richler

Join us for a conversation on what its like to throw your hat into the ring and get involved in a campaign.

In his new book Campaign Confessions, John Laschinger, a professional campaign manager with 50 leadership and general election campaigns (and 30 victories) to his credit over the last 45 years, opens the doors to the backrooms and war rooms of the political campaigns he has run, providing lessons for aspiring campaign managers, and exposing what really happens behind the scenes.

During the 2015 federal election, approximately 1,200 political campaigns were held across Canada. One of those campaigns belonged to author, journalist and political neophyte  Noah Richler . Recruited by the NDP to run in the bellwether riding of Toronto-St Paul’s, he was handed $350 and told he would lose. But as veteran NDP activists and social-media-savvy newbies joined his campaign, Richler found himself increasingly insulated from the stark reality that his campaign was flailing, imagining instead that he was headed to Parliament Hill. In The Candidate, Richler lays bare what goes on behind the slogans, canvassing and talking points, told from the perspective of a political outsider. With his signature wit and probing eye, Noah Richler’s chronicle of running for office is insightful, brutally honest and devastatingly funny.

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Running for Office with John Laschinger and Noah Richler

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Running for Office with John Laschinger and Noah Richler

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