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Slade House:
One on One with
David Mitchell

Presented in partnership with Kingston WritersFest
"The most consistently interesting novelist of his generation.
David Mitchell - Photo courtesy of Paul Stuart
The Writers Festival is thrilled to be partnering with Kingston WritersFest to bring David Mitchell to Canada. 

A headlong adrenaline-rush of from one of our most beloved and original writers:  Slade House  is a cycle of linked ghost stories perfect for any dark and stormy night.      

An ordinary road in a town like yours: bus routes and red-brick houses. A dank narrow alley, easy to miss, even when youre looking for it. A small black metal door set into the wall: no handle, no keyhole, but at your touch it opens onto a sunlit garden, sloping up to a house that doesn’t quite make sense... Go through, and the door closes discreetly behind you. In David Mitchell’s exhilarating new novel, five “guests” separated by nine years enter Slade House for a brief visit–only to vanish without trace from the outside world. Who draws them to the heart of Slade House, and why is the house missing from maps? Beginning in 1979 and ending in 2015, these five interlacing narratives will enchant Mitchell’s readers, old and new, with a signature blend of mystery, realism and the supernatural.

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Slade House: One on One with David Mitchell

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Slade House: One on One with David Mitchell

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