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At the Strangers' Gate:
Arrivals in New York
with Adam Gopnik

Hosted by Peter Schneider
"Gopnik is a wonder of a writer. This book is that rarity, an intelligent meditation that is also a pleasurable time spent with a lively thinker.
— Los Angeles Times
Adam Gopnik - Photo courtesy of Brigitte Lacombe

Join us for a taste of a vivid memoir that captures the energy, ambition and romance of New York in the 1980s from the beloved New Yorker writer and author of the international bestsellers Paris to the Moon and Through the Children's Gate.

When Adam Gopnik and his soon-to-be-wife, Martha Parker, left the comforts of home in Montreal for New York, the city then, much like today, was a pilgrimage site for the young and the arty and ambitious. But it was also becoming a city of greed, where both life's consolations and its necessities were increasingly going to the highest bidder. 

At the Stranger's Gate builds a portrait of this moment in New York through the story of their journey--from their excited arrival as aspiring artists to their eventual growth into a New York family. Gopnik transports us to their tiny basement room on the Upper East Side--the smallest apartment in Manhattan--and later to SoHo, where he captures a unicorn: an affordable New York loft. 

Between tender, laugh-out-loud reminiscences, including affectionate portraits of New York luminaries from Richard Avedon to Robert Hughes and Jeff Koons, Gopnik takes us into the corridors of Condé Nast, the galleries of MoMA and many places between to illuminate the fascinating world capital of creativity and aspiration that is New York, then and now.

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At the Strangers' Gate: Arrivals in New York with Adam Gopnik

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At the Strangers' Gate: Arrivals in New York with Adam Gopnik

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