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Ottawa City Hall Art Gallery110 Laurier Ave W

From Trudeau to Trudeau
with AISLIN (Terry Mosher)

"Wickedly funny with a king-sized heart. How does this guy always manage to get it right?
— Douglas Coupland
Terry Mosher

In his 49th book, From Trudeau to Trudeau, Political cartoonist Aislin looks back at 50 years of drawing Canada. 

When he got started with political cartoons, Canada was celebrating its 100th anniversary and the country was just about to elect Pierre Elliot Trudeau as Prime Minister. 50 years later, with Justin Trudeau at the helm, Terry Mosher, better known by his alias  Aislin, is still at it. Join us for the opening of a career-spanning exhibition of his cartoons and a chance to get a signed copy of the new book. 

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From Trudeau to Trudeau with AISLIN (Terry Mosher)

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From Trudeau to Trudeau with AISLIN (Terry Mosher)

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