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Plan 99 Poetry
with Jeramy Dodds,
Suzannah Showler
and Sina Queyras

"Her poems are distinguished by their cultural awareness…without losing sight of the human ethos that defines modern living.
— Publishers Weekly on Suzannah Showler
Jeramy Dodds
Sina Queyras
Suzannah Showler

Following the Fratellini Family of clowns, Jeramy Dodds astonishes readers and non-readers alike. Techniques such as his patented triumph, the Grand Mal Caesura, along with other favourites, are on display inside. Dodds is a warlock of words, only to be outdone by them, enslaved by them, freed by them - maybe even loved by them. Drakkar Noir is a haunting, yet hilarious depiction of a journey to and fro the furthest limits of the human experimence.

Thing Is is a startling and hip new collection of poetry from Suzannah Showler, a dual American/Canadian citizen who's already making waves on the literary scene.

In  My Ariel , Sina Queyras barges into one of the iconic texts of the twentieth century– Sylvia Plath's  Ariel– with her own family baggage in tow, exploring and exploding the cultural norms, forms, and procedures that frame and contain the lives of women.

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Plan 99 Poetry with Jeramy Dodds,Suzannah Showler and Sina Queyras

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Plan 99 Poetry with Jeramy Dodds,Suzannah Showler and Sina Queyras

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