Knox Presbyterian Church120 Lisgar Street (at Elgin)

Running in the Family
with Brian Fawcett,
Kim Thuy
and Deni Y. Bechard

Hosted by CBC's Laurence Wall
"Gloriously, passionately, delicately unique…. A remarkable book; one that has well-earned every note of praise it has received.
— The Chronicle Journal on Kim Thuy's Ru
Brian Fawcett - Photo courtesy of Christopher Gentile
Kim Thuy - Photo courtesy of Benoit Levac

Join us for an exploration of personal history. Fiction, memoir, tall tales, research and half-remembered fragments: What is Truth when it comes to our own lives? Three gifted writers explore their own memories and family stories, painting unforgettable portraits of the intersection between past and present, between family and self.


Brian Fawcett , the author of more than twenty books, including Cambodia: A Book for People Who Find Television Too Slow, and Virtual Clearcut: Or, The Way Things Are in My Home Town joins us with his latest, Human Happiness. Where previously he explored such topics as globalization and the role of the media, this time he turns the lens inward to search for the meaning of happiness by examining the mysteries of marriage and family. 


A runaway bestseller in Quebec, Kim Thúy’s Governor General’s Award-winning Ru is a lullaby for Vietnam and a love letter to a new homeland. In vignettes of exquisite clarity, sharp observation and sly wit, we are carried along on an unforgettable journey from a palatial residence in Saigon to a crowded and muddy Malaysian refugee camp, and onward to a new life in Quebec. Moving seamlessly from past to present, from history to memory and back again, Ru celebrates life in all its wonder.


Cures for Hunger, by Deni Y. Béchard , author of Vandal Love, winner of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book, is a gripping memoir of a young man’s quest to understand the hunger that burns for the unattainable, the story of the heart of a boy looking for the soul of a man and the darkness that he finds within. Growing up in rural BC, Deni believes his charismatic father is infallible. When he discovers his father’s true identity — and the crime sprees and prison sentences attached to it — his imagination is set on fire. At once attracted and repelled, Deni can’t escape the sense that his father’s life holds the key to understanding himself and to making sense of his own passions, aversions and motivations. 


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Running in the Family with Brian Fawcett, Kim Thuy and Deni Y. Bechard

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Running in the Family with Brian Fawcett, Kim Thuy and Deni Y. Bechard

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