Knox Presbyterian Church120 Lisgar Street (at Elgin)

Suffer The Child
with Emmanuel Dongala,
Kenneth Bonert
and Mia Couto

Hosted by Steven Hayward
"A remarkably assured debut, The Lion Seeker is a riveting, lyrical, and profound journey towards the intersection of private lives and public destinies. Kenneth Bonert has all the makings of a major novelist.
— Charles Foran, author of Mordecai: The Life and Times
Emmanuel Dongala
Kenneth Bonert - Photo courtesy of Richard Dubois
Mia Couto

Join us for an unforgettable evening of international fiction with three globally acclaimed coming of age novels set in Africa.


Johnny Mad Dog, age sixteen, is a member of a rebel faction bent on seizing control of war-torn Congo. Laokolé, at the same age, simply wants to finish high school. Set amid the chaos of West Africa's civil wars, and acclaimed by such writers as Philip Roth and Chinua Achebe, Emmanuel Dongala's Johnny Mad Dog is a powerful, exuberant, and terrifying coming-of-age story.  


Set in South Africa during the great depression, Kenneth Bonert’s powerful debut, The Lion Seeker, evokes the world of South Africa Jewry in a profoundly moral exploration of how wider social forces shape us and shatter us, echoing through history with lessons that are no less relevant today than in the crucible of its time. 


The eighth novel by Mozambique’s Mia Couto, The Tuner of Silences is a shocking portrait of the intergenerational legacies of war. Mwanito Vitalicio was eleven when he saw a woman for the first time, and the sight so surprised him he burst into tears. Mwanito's been living in a big-game park for eight years. The only people he knows are his father, his brother, an uncle, and a servant. He's been told that rest of the world is dead, that all roads are sad, that they wait for an apology from God. 


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Suffer The Child with Emmanuel Dongala, Kenneth Bonert and Mia Couto

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Suffer The Child with Emmanuel Dongala, Kenneth Bonert and Mia Couto

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