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Brain Gain
with John G. Jung

Hosted by Carleton University’s Anil Somayaji
"The book provides an insightful analysis of eighteen communities that have taken the time to ask the right questions about the future, have allocated the right funding and human resources to put the right infrastructure in place.
— Andrew Cohill, CEO, Design Nine
John G. Jung

Join us for a conversation on how Information Technology is driving global economic change and the big issues of work and wellbeing, the innovation economy, offshoring, immigration and the future of the urban-rural economic divide. 


New York based global Think Tank, the Intelligent Community Forum’s (ICF) Chairman and Co-founder John G. Jung offers advice to community leaders at all levels on how cities and regions can build economic prosperity while meeting social challenges in an age of fast-paced technological disruption. Brain Gain offers insights from more than a decade of research into the most intelligent communities on the planet. These cities have found ways to prosper from the relentless rise of Information Technology and connectivity that in other places is destroying jobs and making whole industries obsolete at an unprecedented rate.


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Brain Gain with John G. Jung

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Brain Gain with John G. Jung

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