Metropolitain Brasserie700 Sussex Dr.

Literary Luncheon
with Andrew Morton
A Fundraiser for Children’s Literacy

Hosted by Jayne Watson, CEO of the National Arts Centre Foundation
"In this never-before-told story, #1 New York Times bestselling author Andrew Morton delivers a vivid, atmospheric chronicle of the shadowy connection between the House of Windsor and Hitler.
Andrew Morton - Photo courtesy of Ken Lennox

Join us at Metropolitain Brasserie for a delicious lunch and a conversation with Historian and author Andrew Morton.


Each ticket includes a tasty meal, complimentary alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage, good company, great conversation and a copy of his new book, 17 CARNATIONS, to get signed. Better yet, all proceeds support our free children’s literacy programs.


Historian Andrew Morton’s new book, 17 CARNATIONS, combines his considerable research background with his proven talent for addictively readable narrative, giving us a true story steeped in intrigue, suspense and historical drama.


It tells the story of the feckless Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor, and his wife Wallis Simpson, whose affair with Joachim von Ribbentrop embroiled the duke in a German plot to use him as a puppet king during their takeover of the British Empire. Although we know that the war ended with Hitler's defeat, Edward's story was far from over. The Duke's collaboration with Hitler had resulted in piles of correspondence between them; this damning correspondence, now hidden in a German castle that had fallen to American soldiers, could forever tarnish the reputation of the royal family. 17 CARNATIONS reveals, for the first time in history, the story of the cover-up of those letters, starting with a daring heist--by order of Churchill and the King themselves--to bring the letters back safely to England, out of American hands.


Morton's unique experience and training make him the perfect person to tell this story as it's never been told before, fusing history and entertainment to create a vivid, atmospheric chronicle of the Windsors' darkest secrets. The shadowy connection between the House of Windsor, the German aristocracy, and Hitler has hovered on the edges of public consciousness for decades, but no royal biography or historical chronicle has been able to tell the full story-until now. 


Join us for an inside look at a dazzling historical drama, full of adventure, intrigue, and startling revelations, written by a master of the genre.



The “Metropolitain” shaved fennel, baby field greens, haricots verts
and sweet sherry Dijon vinaigrette


Braised chicken leg, basmati rice, carrots, pan jus
Vegetarian linguine all’olio e aglio sweet peppers, asparagus and mushrooms
Grilled Atlantic salmon, crushed new potatoes, broccolini, herb butter


Rich Belgian dark chocolate mousse with fresh berries
Premium Coffee or Tea


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Literary Luncheon with Andrew Morton A Fundraiser for Children’s Literacy

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Literary Luncheon with Andrew Morton A Fundraiser for Children’s Literacy

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