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Monstrous Little Voices
with Kate Heartfield

"When I tell the brain to think about Shakespeare, but to imagine whatever it can within that universe, the brain is happy. The brain can work with that. And in fact, what we discovered as we were brainstorming together is that many of Shakespeare's plays could fit together, that the timelines and mechanics could be made to work.
— Kate Heartfield
Kate Heartfield

Join Ottawa’s Kate Heartfield to celebrate the launch of the anthology Monstrous Little Voices, and her contribution, The Course of True Love.

It is the Year of Our Lord 1601. The Tuscan War rages across the world, and every lord from Navarre to Illyria is embroiled in the fray. Cannon roar, pikemen clash, and witches stalk the night; even the fairy courts stand on the verge of chaos.

Five stories come together at the end of the war: that of bold Miranda and sly Puck; of wise Pomona and her prisoner Vertumnus; of gentle Lucia and the shade of Prospero; of noble Don Pedro and powerful Helena; and of Anne, a glovemaker’s wife. On these lovers and heroes the world itself may depend.

These are the stories Shakespeare never told. Five of the most exciting names in genre fiction today – Jonathan Barnes, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Emma Newman, Foz Meadows and Kate Heartfield – delve into the world the poet created to weave together a story of courage, transformation and magic.


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BOOK LAUNCH: Monstrous Little Voices with Kate Heartfield

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BOOK LAUNCH: Monstrous Little Voices with Kate Heartfield

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