Christ Church Cathedral - Room C414 Sparks St.

The Light That Remains
with Lyse Champagne

"The dust from the demolition hangs in the air like smoke, the noise of the wrecking ball as steady as the artillery that once pounded the city walls.
— From the book
Lyse Champagne

The despair of refugees has haunted us long before the civil war in Syria. Lyse Champagne's evocative new story collection, The Light That Remains, attempts to put these collective and individual tragedies into a historical context.

Two Armenian sisters write to each other in the year leading up to their deportations. A young Ukrainian mother embroiders her life story as famine threatens. A boy travels to Hong Kong by train while the Japanese march towards his hometown of Nanjing. A Jewish girl collects words and falls in love as she hides in a French mountain village in 1942. A Cambodian refugee recalls his childhood in his home country and his new life in Canada on a makeshift stage. A Rwandan family prepares to emigrate days before President Habyarimana's plane is shot down.


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BOOK LAUNCH: The Light That Remains with Lyse Champagne

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BOOK LAUNCH: The Light That Remains with Lyse Champagne

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