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BookThug Spring Launch
with Jacob Wren
and Phil Hall

Presented with Plan 99
"These are poems of ferocity and humility, of vulnerability and wit, poems whose skilled complexities elucidate the lyric disturbance of melody, memory and self.
— Judges’ citation, Griffin Poetry Prize, on Phil Hall
Jacob Wren
Phil Hall - Photo courtesy of Brother Lawrence Morey

Who hasn't, at one time or another, considered killing a billionaire? Following on the critical success of his novel Polyamorous Love Song, writer and performer Jacob Wren picks up the mantle of the politically and economically disenfranchised in Rich and Poor–the story of a middle-class, immigrant pianist who has fallen on hard times. Wren capably balances personal reflections with real-time political events, as his protagonist awakens to the possibility of a solution to his troubles and begins to formulate a plan of attack, in which the only answer is to get rid of “the 1%.”

Replete with images of the natural world and in some cases, the mechanisms that transform it-horses, leaping fish, trees, canals and locks—in Conjugation, Phil Hall has created a return to the nature/nurture elements that have wound their way through his earlier collections, but also a versed ode to the discouragement that many Canadians have felt about the progression of their country and government over the past number of years.


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BookThug Spring Launch with Jacob Wren and Phil Hall

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BookThug Spring Launch with Jacob Wren and Phil Hall

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