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Youth Writing Workshop
with David A. Poulsen

"Numbers is a deeply moving, nuanced, and fascinating depiction of how confusion and vulnerability can sometimes cause damages that can never be fully repaired.
— Quill & Quire
David A. Poulsen

Making the Lie Believable


Suggested for students in grades 8-12.

Most of us would agree that the best books are the ones that, as we are reading, we are feeling almost like we are in the story. The author has managed to create a world so real that we are looking over our shoulders in the scary parts, commiserating with the main character in the sad bits, laughing along with the joker in the funny parts…and maybe even caring about the outcome of a game called Quiditch that has the players chasing little balls all over the sky while riding broomsticks.

So how do the really good authors do that? How do they pull us into the stories and make us much more than mere distant observers?

Award winning Canadian writer, David A. Poulsen, will share some of the techniques that he uses every day in his own writing; he’ll talk about what “Show, don’t tell” really means and he’ll have you writing stories that are more real, more believable than you’ve ever written before. You’ll laugh; you’ll think; you’ll write and, most importantly, you’ll make the lie believable.

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