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Writing Workshop
with Nadia Bozak

"El Niño is a blazing novel about desperation and courage, survival and death, borders and barriers of all sorts and what it takes to break through. Nadia Bozak’s characters are fierce, brave, and haunting. Stylistically brazen and wildly suspenseful, this novel charges and snaps, sinks its teeth in, and doesn’t let go.
— Lisa Moore, author of Caught
Nadia Bozak - Photo courtesy of Dawn Johnston

Whose Side of the Story? Practices and Pitfalls of Writing Personal Experiences


Novelist, short-story writer, film scholar, English professor, and creative writing instructor Nadia Bozak will guide workshop participants through discussions and writing prompts geared towards transforming memories and real life events into fiction or memoir. While engaging such elements of fiction as character, setting, and point of view, writers in this workshop will, first, explore how their own unique life experiences impact the words they put on the page, and, second, question the blurry distinction between fiction and reality.


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Writing Workshop with Nadia Bozak

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Writing Workshop with Nadia Bozak

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