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Rise of the Radical Right
with Tom McMillan

Hosted by Maclean’s Magazine’s John Geddes
"An insider’s account that claims that an open-minded Tory Party was turned into an Americanized party of prejudice following the conservatives’ merger of 2003.
— Globe and Mail
Tom McMillan

In the context of Brexit, alternative facts, the rise of the National Front in Europe and talk of screening immigrants for “Canadian values,” there is increasing worry about the rise of xenophobic nationalism and the resurgent power of extreme right-wing parties and what it means for democracy and human rights. Join the conversation on how we got here and where we are headed.

A fascinating political memoir,  Not My Party , by a long­time Conservative Party insider, and former Mulroney Cabinet Minister,  Tom McMillan , explores the evolution-or devolution-of Canada's Conservative Party, how back­room party politics operates, and political leaders succeed or fail.  He urges Conservative progressives to reclaim their party from right­wing extremists and revive its commitment to nation­building and national unity; to re-brand itself, once again, as Progressive Conservative.

Please note that  Henry A. Giroux  is no longer able to participate in this event.

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Rise of the Radical Right with Tom McMillan

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Rise of the Radical Right with Tom McMillan

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