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Written in the Body:
A performance
by Jan Andrews

"A seventy-something lesbian goes for broke, exploring a turmoil of gender issues, looking back to what might have been and onwards to what will be.
Jan Andrews

It is England in the 1940s, 50s. A small girl is growing up knowing she wants nothing more than to be a boy. Well into her forties she discovers she is a lesbian. She is surprised, amazed. Why not, considering she was born into a time when same sex relationships between women were secrets buried deep and dark? She relishes her new life but old longings linger. Friends are transitioning. Now in her seventies, she faces a conundrum what if…what if…what if.

Written in the Body evokes the experience of so many. In a finely-crafted work, weaving in a story about a young man who must dress as a woman in a coming of age ritual, Jan Andrews creates an intensely personal story that touches us all.

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Written in the Body: A performance by Jan Andrews

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Written in the Body: A performance by Jan Andrews

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